Thursday, February 26, 2015

EARTHY CARS SPOTLIGHT: Subcompact Cars (Pre-Spring 2015)

It’s almost spring. That (might) mean you’ll be going out in town more. While it’s fun going out in town, it could mean dealing with parking and a higher gas bill.

But if you have a subcompact car, that’s not a problem.

If you have a large car you’re looking to trade in, or looking for another car, or you’re first car – consider a subcompact car if you’re like to maneuver around easier or save money on gas.

2006 Chevrolet Aveo LT Hatchback, Blue, 60938 mi, $5,995 Subcompact, Automatic, MPG = 22/32
2008 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback, Blue, 74965 mi, $9,995 Subcompact, 5-spd automatic, MPG = 27/33
2007 MINI Cooper S Hatchback, Red, 80813 mi, $9,995 $10,995 Subcompact, 6-spd manual, MPG = 25/32
2006 Scion xA Hatchback, Blue, 75407 mi, $6,995 Subcompact, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 27/35
2010 Toyota Yaris Sedan, Silver, 101314 mi, $7,995 Subcompact, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 29/35

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