Monday, August 11, 2014

EARTHY CAR OF THE WEEK: 2003 Honda Element

2003 Honda Element SUV, Blue, 119447 mi, $5,995 4WD, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 19/23

The Honda Element is a unique vehicle – it drives like a car, but it had the cargo space of a truck & the look of a SUV.

The unusual side doors make it easy to load and unload cargo, and the floor is made with a material that resists scratches, water, and dirt.

It’s ideal for those who move around a lot or those into outdoor activities, or those with multiple kids.

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“The Honda Element is one of those vehicles that elicits that great question: What's that? Some people hate the thought of driving a car that's the center of attention, but others find that's part of the thrill of owning a car that's different from other vehicles on the road.
Honda is known for conservative styling, which is not a bad thing for the majority of people who are only looking for reliable and functional transportation. However, pizzazz and style are important ingredients if you're one of those looking for something different.

Honda has really gone out on a limb with the Element. It is a very different looking vehicle aimed at young male buyers who need a truck to haul their stuff but want the security of an enclosed cargo area and the performance of a car.”

“What the suicide doors offer is great access to the rear of the vehicle from the sides with no B-pillars to get in the way. For safety reasons, the rear side doors cannot be opened unless the front door has already been opened first. Likewise they have to be closed before the front side doors can be closed. Moreover, front-seat occupants have to unbuckle their seatbelts before the rear doors can be opened as the front seatbelts are attached to the front edge of the closed rear doors.”
“Versatility is the key word in the design of the Honda Element's interior. Honda spent a lot of time designing features with flexible utility first and foremost in mind.”

“The floor is covered in a urethane-coated material that resists water, dirt and scratches. It is easily cleaned. The seats (on all but the DX) are coated in a waterproof material designed for easy cleaning.”

“The Honda Element is an attractive proposition for someone who wants a genuine utility vehicle that behaves like a car. There's no denying the utility of its versatile interior. And, in terms of driving dynamics, cars behave much better than trucks. Although archaic EPA rules say the Element is a truck, it's really a modern station wagon masquerading as a hip looking van. Looks are part of the attraction here. You'll either like the Element or hate it. We found it appeals to people of all ages.”
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Monday, August 4, 2014


Need a car that’s affordable?

We have several cars priced in the $6995-7995 range.
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Van Passenger, Silver, 87433 mi, $5,995 $6,995 4-spd automatic, MPG = 17/24
2004 Honda Civic LX Sedan, Grey, 137740 mi, $5,995 Compact, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 25/34
2003 Honda Element SUV, Blue, 119447 mi, $5,995 4WD, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 19/23
2004 Scion xB Hatchback, Black, 103097 mi, $5,995 Subcompact, 5-spd manual, MPG = 27/32
2003 Toyota Matrix Standard Hatchback, Blue, 91945 mi, $6,995 Compact, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 25/30
2004 Toyota Prius, Silver, 145492 mi, $6,995 MPG = 48/45

2004 Toyota Prius Sedan, Blue, 131612 mi, $6,995 MPG = 48/45

2007 Toyota Yaris Sedan, Grey, 98982 mi, $6,995 Subcompact, 4-spd automatic, MPG = 29/35