Friday, April 15, 2011

EARTHY CAR OF THE WEEK: 2006 Pontiac Vibe

2006 Pontiac Vibe, White, Hatchback, 90172 mi, $8,900 4-spd automatic, MPG = 25/31

The Pontiac Vibe was a joint creation by General Motors and Toyota. It carries the Pontiac brand but its design and mechanics are like a Toyota – it is very very similar to the Toyota Matrix, only with slight differences. The Pontiac Vibe is a way to ‘buy American’ (besides carrying an U.S. brand, it was manufactured in the U.S.), but get Japanese features.

The Vibe is a compact, sporty wagon. It’s not very big, but it has a fair amount of cargo space in the back. For a wagon, it has a very excellent fuel economy. It has a highway MPG of 31, very high for a wagon. If you looking for a car with a lot of space but are worried about rising gasoline prices, you should consider the Vibe.

As it is a sporty vehicle, it has a rear spoiler and cool, trendy-looking interior.
The Vibe on our lot is very affordable – it is priced at $8,900 and it is only 5 years old.

--Isa R Bufano, social media manager of Earthy Cars

MSN Autos:

“The Vibe is a versatile, small car from Pontiac that can be described as a sport wagon, sports car or mini crossover SUV. The Vibe was developed by GM in conjunction with Toyota, and shares a platform and mechanical components with the Toyota Matrix.”

Yahoo! Autos:

Yahoo! Autos:

MSN Autos:
MSN Autos:

"Cargo space and flexibility in a compact package, a ride height that's a bit higher than a normal car's, decent fuel economy, and assembly that's done at a plant with Toyota participation all make the Vibe a worthwhile small hatchback/wagon.

Even if you don't aspire to own a Pontiac, the Pontiac Vibe may be worth a look. Truth be told, the Vibe's practical character as a surprisingly versatile compact hatchback/wagon with near-SUV cargo volume, fuel economy that's better than most SUV's"

New Car Test Drive via

“The Pontiac Vibe is popular for its practicality, sporty styling and zippy performance…A five-door hatchback, Vibe has roomy front and rear seats, making for comfortable travel for four. Its cargo compartment features a track system with adjustable tie-down anchors for securing your stuff. The seating setup is flexible, allowing the driver to flip down the passenger seat when hauling items up to eight-feet long. That seat can be used as a desk for a laptop computer, which can be plugged into the 115-volt electrical outlet.”

“Vibe is best represented in the standard model. It's pleasant and comfortable to drive and offers versatility when it's time to haul something. Its four-cylinder engine delivers adequate performance and it's clean, already meeting Ultra-Low Emissions standards set for 2007. It's also inexpensive.”

Yahoo! Autos:

MSN Autos:

Comprehensive view of the Pontiac Vibe via Kelley Blue Book:

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